June 12 – July 6, 2009


TREVOR BABB. Briefcase, 2007.  Mahogany, brass, leather, glass, rubber, cork, mixed contents.  26


JUNE 12 – JULY 13, 2009

Opening Reception Friday, June 12, 7:30pm

DISASTER KIT is a conceptual project of California-based artist Trevor Babb, presented as a site-specific installation at WORK. This exhibit of functional art offers elegant solutions to the many problems associated with surviving or recovering from disaster. A collection of portable vessels, outfitted with equipment and supplies, demonstrate how one might provision for needs like water, food, heat, light, health, shelter, defense, transport and communication. Taking materials, objects and cues from the 19th and early-20th century, Babb conjures up a past life with the tools for starting a new one. Sponsored in-part by the Brooklyn Arts Council. An open-house reception on Friday, June 12 at 7:30 pm will feature a live performance by renowned baritone Matthew Worthwww.dzastrkit.com

Trevor Babb acquired survival skills in the Amazon, Andes, Balkans and South China Sea. He worked with a small team of disaster-relief logisticians to design, build and supply a refugee camp during the 1999 Serbian invasion of Kosovo. He has developed emergency-services contingency plans as a matter of public policy for political campaigns in San Francisco. An outsider to traditional art communities, he combines field experience, abstract thinking and precise craftsmanship to create thought-provoking objects. This will be the first showing of his work in a gallery setting.

WORK is an artist run gallery, organized to provide an intimate setting for the exhibition and performance of the arts. The gallery and its artists exchange ideas democratically, seeking to utilize the space in the dissolution of barriers. In an era marked by a demand for more and bigger, WORK is committed to bringing important matters of culture into close circles, for critical discussion and reflection. As both complement and alternative to the heavy industry of its immediate neighbors, WORK endeavors to conscientiously convey the crossroad of art and labor.

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